CONTROLS: Use the WASD keys or Arrow keys to move the player. Use the mouse to move the camera. Walk up to NPCs to trigger dialogue and press [E] to scroll through the dialogue. Walking away from the NPCs will trigger the dialogue to disappear.  At the end of the game, press [ESC] to gain control of the mouse again and  move it out of the window. 

(Creators note: We're  sorry for the control bugs.  We no longer have access to the Unity software to fix it. This is the final version.) 

DIRECTIONS:  Walk up to NPCs in the area to interact with them. Scroll through the dialogue to see if they will give you money or not. Move on to the next person, trash can or free coin. Collect the required amount of money before the timer runs out to win the game. 

BACKGROUND: You're a homeless woman who just started her period. The shelter you visited was able to give you one (1) pad but that will only last  a few hours. You  can get money  by collecting free coins on the street, looking through trash cans  and asking people on the street for money.  Running out of time means your pad overflowed and your only set of clothes has been ruined.  Collecting the required amount means buying a box of feminine care products.  However, buying these products could result in the women giving up other necessities such as food, shelter or new clothes.

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