Have you ever wondered how difficult it can be to be a football coach? Play this game to feel the all too real pressure of helping injured high school players with little medical knowledge. 

How to play: You will enter the game as a coach for the Innovators. It will then be your job to find the injured players. First, you will not be able to move until the play has ended. After the play ends you will be able to walk around (hold the shift key to run) the field. The injured players will have a red "X" above them, but you will need to go up to the play to see which players are injured. When you go up to the player you will make game time injury decisions by answering a question (one per player) about how to best help them. There are TWO players per play who get injured. If you don't pick the correct action plan, the health of your team will decrease, don't let it get to zero or your team loses the game. Try to get through all four quarters and if you do you win! 

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